Tips to keep your marble items clean

Whether you have chosen marble statues or marble handicraft for your home or office, you need to clean and maintain them well to ensure that they look good and shiny for years to come. Among all the natural stones, marble is the most durable one. Therefore, decorative items and handicrafts made up of marble enjoy longevity, which make them the preferred choice of many. You will hardly get the versatility, beauty and long life of marble in other items. But you need to clean and maintain such items properly to enjoy their visual appeal and high luster for a long time. The first step for cleaning your marble human statue or marble handicraft is to dust them regularly. Also, avoid harsh abrasive cleaners and incorrect cleaning products. Make sure not to let spillages, wear and tear, as well as scratching affect the natural sheen of your items. If you feel that your marble statues or marble handicraft are too dirty or need repair, it’s best to hire a professional marble restoration contractor.

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